About Us

Baker Schulze & Murphy is a partnership between three very talented, experienced and caring attorneys.  Each attorney brings a unique skill set to the firm which allows us to leverage everyone's strengths into better, stronger representation for our clients.

Darryl E. "Chip" Baker has practiced law for over 33 years.  His experience is extensive in civil litigation, specifically personal injury, products liability, and medical malpractice.

J. G. "Gerry" Schulze has practiced law for over 27 years.  He has extensive experience in representing Social Security Disability clients.  He also handles litigation in various areas.  In addition to his own practice, Gerry also can be contracted to write briefs for other attorneys.  His extraordinary talent for discerning the issue at hand, researching it, and then translating that into writing a clear, comprehensive and persuasive brief has earned him success in Courts ranging from Circuit Court, Arkansas Court of Appeals, Arkansas Supreme Court and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Gerry speaks Spanish.

Ruthanne Murphy is a registered nurse who has successfully represented numerous fellow nurses before the various Administrative Review agencies.  She has taken her talent and experience in nursing and used it in her legal practice to represent clients who are victims of medical malpractice.  Ruthanne also represents clients involved in domestic relations cases such as divorce and child custody.

Karen Stacy is a paralegal who provides support for the attorneys.  She has 25 years of experience in the legal field.